synapse: “you can(‘t) take the girl out of the city…”



I’m gonna drive all night
Take some speed
I’m gonna wait for the sun
To shine down on me
I cut a hole in my roof
The shape of a heart

And I’m goin’ out west
Where they’ll appreciate me

-Tom Waits

It’s always the right time for change and growth, but especially now, so I’m following through with a longtime goal:

To have a live/work space in Portland Oregon. For the next 9 months, starting September 2nd, 2013, I’ll be between Portland (as well as other parts of the west coast) and Chicago working on art, teaching workshops and experience being immersed in nature. I’ll see if the aesthetics of my environment affect my thoughts, behavior and my art making process.

In writing this blog, “you can(‘t) take the girl out of the city…”, I’m documenting the changes, the sameness and all the experiences in between that occur through photos, art, stories and random thoughts.


Everything all at once. We’ll see how this goes…

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