Artist Statement

“ why paranoidgirl?…”

the past makes us paranoid…experiences equal truth.

 “where am i going, where have I been?…”

Imaginary fences…on the outside looking in.

Experiences. Ancestry. Lineage. Heritage. Immigration. Migration. Stories. Social Justice. Environment. Urban. Rural. Fear. Nature. Science. Love. Curiosity. Strain. Stress. Assimilation. Isolation. Risk. Strength. Matriarch. Interconnected. History. Timelines…

“one small glimpse…”

Bits and pieces creating a whole…this is art, this is me.

Folk art, photography, graphic arts, street art, graffiti, tattoo art, storybook illustration, installation art, performance art, poetry, words, nature, geography, minimalism.

Using a combination of materials and surfaces such as found objects, wood, canvas, fabric, wallpaper, paper, paint, pencil, watercolor pencils, china markers, paint-pens, glitter, crayons, oil pastels, sharpies and whatever is appealing at the moment, I experiment and let the art happen…

“all that makes up a whole…”

Aside from working as an artist, I own and operate Right-Brained Studio, the art of creative thinking!, a mobile youth art studio and gallery where I mentor youth artists ages 18 and under as well as curate shows of their work.  I’m also the founder, designer and co-owner of Re-Girl Apparel and Accessories, fashioning clothing and accessories from found/new materials and original art printed on fabric.


things that I like: free thinkers-root beer-hiking-black and white movies-cats-trees-oceans-rocks-pinon-grafitti-photography-my orange sandals-camping-stickers-rv’s-skateboarding-folk art-fashion-recycling-reusing-thrifting-organizing-sculpture-metal (music and the element)-rust-copper-silver-old frames-green spaces-matte black-converse shoes-art education-science-the brain-buddism-wild flowers-surfing-mountains-punk rock-rude boys (no, the other kind)-dolls-lemurs-wonder women-art galleries-travel-new mexico-sunsets-twilight (not the book/movies)-good movies (according to me)-collage-printmaking-mixed media- pocket parks-avocadoes-voodoo doughnuts-rock and roll-ukelele- colorful tights-rain-daydreams-peacock feathers-pens-markers-glitter-abstarct-concrete-granola-soy milk-being a vegetarian-gatherings-walks on the beach-bon fires-cotton candy-stars-color theory-art installations-alleys-dumpsters-urban hiking-caves-buffalo-rats-lines-calligraphy-the sky-daytime moons-silence-youth art mentoring-glass bottles-fresh bread-multiples-magnets-fences-farming-oregon-clouds-pink-toys-piano-victorian dresses-old cars-chrome-high gloss-faery floss-france-rubber ducks-roadtrips-the redwoods-horizon lines- unscented candles-nag champa-dogs- ambient lighting-paperweights-celtic art-an occasional good micro brew-hot air balloons-gypseys-the planetarium-spraypaint-jeans-smurfette-acoustic guitar-hair ties-bracelets-turquiose-time travel-slugs-snacks-san pellegrino-sun flowers-plants-cactus-mango juice-the road to hana-collecting-green-the smell of burning leaves-auntnm weather-halloween-macs-typography-the little rascals-seeds-grilled corn-politics-music-crystal chandeliers-old stuff-minimalism-decorative-hills-history-1920’s-milton glaser-documentories-claymation-stop motion-rawness-realness-sweet potatoes-vinyl records-digital art-walking-day dreaming-tea-t-shirts-silouettes-dark comedy-black play-doh-micaious clay-native american history-doors-taos-skyscrapers-NYC-design-my boyfriend-suitcases-patterns-wallpaper-taverns-buttons-hammocks-motor cross-staying up late-the “idea” of waking up early (sometimes it works)-organic farming-buying local-parks- the prairie-swamps-forests-italy-opals-fresh air-npr-college radio-open roads-1930’s-finding new ways to get from here to there-poetry-hikus-art-youth artists-discovery-science-rainbows-peanuts comic strip-layers-the moon-wings-tumbleweeds-route 66-home depot-tools-shoes-pinocchio-tim burton movies-the wild west-sorting-thinking-creating-storms-clouds-comics-tasty treats-scientific illustrations-trades-legwarmers-fabric-faeries-riff randell-righteous babes (you all know who you are)-instrumentals-puppets-voodoo-vintage-being comfortable-elephants-old cameras-lomography-holga-hand sewn-honesty-national geographic-art mags-books-paper dolls-raggedy ann and andy-and that thing in the alley….I’m going to get it right now!

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